How to Decide The Fins Quantity On A Paddle Board

June 28, 2022
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How to Decide The Fins Quantity On A Paddle Board


I guess when you were looking for your favorite paddle board, you must have found that some paddle boards have only one tail fin, but also two, three or more.If it is the more quantity the better? Or it is come with more quantity the better for beginners? To find out, firstly to see what is the tail fin used for? Now, let us take a look at this popular science.

What is the tail fin used for?

Like a fish living in water, his tail fin is used for rowing,for easily changing the direction.

It can also be used for your own maneuverability.

The Ideal Number of Fins needed when SUP Cruising and Why?

The best cruising about paddle board style is called an all-rounder Board.

For this purpose, these boards mostly come with only 1 large centre fin, and this is great for practising paddling and turning on reasonably calm waters. A fin board will be easier to turn than a 2,3 or 4 fin setup.

Ideal Number of Paddle Board Fins needed when SUP Touring and Why?

Touring is more about the distance and speed than maneuverability and so the large center fin is still used, but also 2 smaller side fins. This gives the board more stability and make it faster on water. But turning with 3 fins is harder than with only 1, as more side to side drag is present.



What is the Ideal Number of Fins Needed when SUP Surfing and Why?

in some rare cases,you will found some boards come with 4 or even 5 pcs tail fins,.

The main thing SUP show you is its the extreme stability with flexibility and maneuverability. Thus 2 pairs (4pcs) of side fin plus 1 central fin is a good setup for surfing SUP.