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July 22, 2022
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I was born in a small seaside city . People in this city are very friendly, they all love and respect the sea.

So my daily life is inseparable from the sea.

My first exposure to paddle boards was in high school.I joined a paddle board club and started my paddle board journey.Since then, I have fallen in love with paddle boards, and I played the sup on the sea every day after school.

I kept learning the knowledge and skills of paddle board every day and participate in various competitions.Having a strong interest in paddle boards turned me from an amateur to a professional.

As paddle boards become more and more popular, I know how important it is to pick a good paddle board.So I'm constantly testing various brands of paddle boards and recommending good quality and safe paddle boards to anyone who loves paddle boards.

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Here are some of my feedback after testing seavya's paddle board.

1. There are many styles of paddle boards, which can satisfy those who like different patterns.

2. He uses a single layer of brushed fabric and a double layer of material for edge sealing. Although it is a single-layer fabric, it will be thicker and stronger than other brands of paddles at the same price.

3. The brand's craftsmanship is mature. The product has no air leakage, the pattern is not faded, and the material is fully fitted.

4.The price of paddle boards is more affordable, you can take it in consideration if you have limited budget。